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To maximise your energy self consumption a battery storage system can be fitted. This will ensure that energy generated from Solar PV or wind turbine systems can power your running electrical loads whilst charging batteries when excess power is available. Through fitting a battery storage solution you are securing a proportion of your power against future price rises.

When your loads require more power than you are generating the balance of power required can be taken from the battery system.

We will specify a battery system that is based on your generation capacity, your base load and available budget.

Battery storage system technology has improved greatly over the last few years and we have a range of systems to offer our clients.

Commercial & Agriculture

Higher use commercial clients can also benefit by fitting a storage system. High capacity power users can be expected to pay very high per/ Kwh prices for power at certain times of the day. With a storage solution this power could be taken from the battery thereby lowering the user’s energy cost considerably.
There are a number of systems available for commercial clients please contact us for a no obligation site visit.

How can battery storage benefit you?

Reduces your energy bill

After our initial assessment, we’ll then come to suggest which form of battery solution will be best for you and your requirements. Then depending on the solutions chosen, your batteries will then be discharged to you, and either remotely recharged with us, or at your site depending on the solution. We can then suggest switching to the battery power at the peak times of electricity, thus reducing your energy bills at these given times.

Ensure an uninterrupted supply of power for your site

The battery solution will almost certainly provide an instant backup in the event of any outage or voltage decreases. The response time of your chosen batteries can be less than 0.7ms, which essentially means that your supply will be seamless when transferring from mains power to battery.

Avoid grid connection upgrades and variability

If for example your energy consumption is increasing, you can easily switch to stored battery power to reduce any high peaks in your consumption profile. This indeed could help you and your organisation avoid the need for a costly upgrade to your contract with the Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

If you are interested in having a Battery system installed or maintained, don’t delay, call Air Earth Energy today on 01761 414 356.

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©2023 Air Earth Energy. All rights reserved.    Privacy Policy   |   Jobs