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Wind power boasts one of the lowest carbon footprints and lowest costs of all forms of electricity generation. And in the UK we are blessed with a climate that makes this one of the world’s most wind-sure regions.

With wholesale energy prices remaining volatile and grid distribution costs on the rise, businesses with moderate to high energy consumption should look to make savings and reduce risk through wind-powered generation.

Landowners can benefit from rental income from siting a turbine on their land, even if they don’t consume any of the power generated from it, while commercial businesses can fix cheaper electricity rates through a power purchase agreement.

Embracing wind power also improves your green credentials by reducing CO2 emissions: a wind turbine can recover its carbon debt from manufacturing within a year of installation, and go on to generate carbon-free energy for up to 30 years.

Air Earth Energy can manage the whole process from initial planning to annual maintenance, without any cost or risk to you or your business.

Our in-house team undertake detailed site studies and surveys, assessing everything from wind speed to planning considerations and establishing whether an economically viable grid connection can be secured.

If you are interested in having a Wind Generator installed or maintained, don’t delay, call Air Earth Energy today on 01761 414 356.

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©2023 Air Earth Energy. All rights reserved.    Privacy Policy   |   Jobs